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In order to secure your success we apply a wide spectrum of competences and use our long-standing experience to implement the best sales model for you.

We continuously align with your leadership team and communicate with your organization to insure commitment and buy-in from all relevant stakeholders.

Our core functions are:
– Business Growth Strategy
– Organizational Effectiveness
– Operational Excellence
– Revenue Management
– Commercial Capability

Our job is not done until the defined KPI’s are showing positive and sustainable figures.


Take control over your revenue and profit and balance your investment.


Implement effective tools and processes in a cross-unit environment to create a hassle-free business flow.


Turn vision and goals into a business strategy to take advantage of the market opportunities and turn them into revenue and profit.


Set a governance model and sales organization that can lead you to business growth and success.


Equip your sales staff with the appropriate tools, knowledge and capabilities.

Our Way Of Working

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Assessment & Analysis

We use a multi-layered analysis model consisting of many building blocks to assess your current sales operations and identify weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Roadmap & planning

Together with your leadership team we prioritize and plan which actions need to be taken and which KPI’s are to be measured to achieve the desired results and define these in a strategic roadmap.

Implementation & Execution

After communicating the chosen vision to the organization we implement and execute the defined roadmap and carefully monitor the impact and measure the KPI’s.

Our Vision and Approach

Solving Problems And Turning Opportunities Into Profit

Our Services can be tailored to your needs. During an introduction interview we explore what your main problems and challenges are. Together we define the best way how our competence and expertise can be of help. We have a variety of modules to chose from in each phase of our suggested process.

In the first phase we collect data and conduct interviews with the involved in- or external stakeholders in your operation. We use a multi-layer analysis model to assess your current sales operations. Each layer consist of multiple building blocks which together give us a 360-degree view of the current status. 
We look into the following areas:
– Insight into customers, markets and competition
– Sales Strategy
– Customer Coverage
– Sales Enablement

The goal of the assessment and analysis is to identify your weaknesses or areas of improvement.
(If needed we can conduct a similar assessment and analysis for your product model.)

In the second phase we create a roadmap and time planning. Together we review or set your goals and targets. We decide which areas need improvement and how and when we are recommending changes to be made. We might even generate new initiatives to align with your financial goals.
We look into the following functions:
– Business Growth Strategy
– Organizational Effectiveness
– Operational Excellence
– Revenue Management
– Commercial Capability

The goal of the roadmap and planning is to create a structured and accountable recommendation that can be presented to your leadership team for decision and communicated to the relevant stakeholders for buy-in.

In the third phase we implement and execute the decided recommendations. We define which KPI’s are relevant and need to be measured to track regular progress. We apply the model-test-evaluate principle to continuously monitor what is working well and what is not in order to adjust our roadmap and planning where and when necessary.

The goal of the implementation and execution is to make it all happen, solve problems and turn opportunities into profit!

From Our Founder

It Is All About Focus And Commitment

In my spare time I am an avid photographer. I love to travel and explore new countries and cultures. While trying to get that perfect image I see a lot of comparisons with the business world. It is all about focus and commitment to get the results you desire. With the right tools and competence you have a high chance of success.

Business Quote

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill Gates, Co-founder Microsoft Corporation

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